One of the most advanced Palm spreadsheet programs

MiniCalc is an award winning, Palm Powered™ spreadsheet program. Use MiniCalc to create and manage spreadsheets on your handheld. Small, fast, flexible and powerful, MiniCalc is easy to use with its intuitive graphical interface and seamless integration with Microsoft® Excel.

Whether you are a marketing professional, sales executive, financial analyst, field engineer, or student, MiniCalc can help you carry important information with you at all times. Be prepared to perform analysis. Make an informed decision on the spot.

MiniCalc is the only spreadsheet application for Palm Computing™ Platform that supports global data search with Find button, is expandable via MiniCalc API, is expandable via extension libraries.

The package includes MiniChart that graphically displays your data using six chart types: Clustered Column, Stacked Column, Plain Line, Marked Line, XYScatter, and Pie.

MiniCalc's main features include:

  • Supports all types of Palm-based handhelds, all OS versions, 320x480 resolution.
  • 103 built-in functions: financial, scientific, statistical, and more. Practically unlimited function set with extension libraries.
  • function set with extension libraries.
  • Seamless data synchronization with Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 on Windows.
  • Spreadsheets can be stored on the expansion card in different directories.
  • In RAM spreadsheets can be grouped in 15 categories.
  • Excel-compatible charting program.
  • Seamless conduit synchronization of CSV files on the PC.
  • Data search by value or formula.

Feature-rich spreadsheet application for Palm PDAs.



MiniCalc 7.1